Donna Ennis

Destination Service Coordinator | Team member since 2011 | Northern New Jersey


Donna is a vital member of the IPR Team, acting as a Destination Service Coordinator.  Donna’s strong written and verbal communication skills were honed during her years as a Certified Court Reporter.  Through her professional, personal and volunteer experience, Donna possesses the perfect skill-set necessary to support IPR Account Managers and Area Consultants ensuring successful delivery of Destination Services. 

Donna was born and raised in north-central New Jersey.  After relocating to California, she returned to New Jersey.

Vu Stefanich

Destination Service Coordinator | Team member since 2014 | Midland, MI


Vu worked as an Area Consultant in Midland, Michigan before joining the team full-time.

Upon graduating from Central Michigan University with degrees in Marketing and Logistics Management, Vu pursued a career working for a logistics company.  Vu left the corporate world to support her husband's opportunity to work and live in Tokyo, Japan. 

After returning to Michigan for a time, they were offered another assignment in Shanghai, China. Vu spent four years in China, learned Mandarin, became active in many clubs/organizations, and helped other newcomers acclimate to Shanghai. In 2009, Vu and her family returned to Midland.