Meet Elaine D., Baltimore, MD Area Consultant

Elaine has been an IPR Area Consultant since October 2016.

She loves Baltimore because it is such an eclectic city, made up of small neighborhoods and filled with great cultural, historical and fun activities: museums, theatres, festivals, parks, the harbor, and so much more!

Fun facts about Baltimore: the city is home to some special treats such as Berger's cookies, Maryland crabs and the snowball (ice treat invented in the Industrial Revolution).  It is also the birthplace to the American National Anthem as it was written by Francis Scott Key as the flag was flying at Fort McHenry.

When assisting Relocating Employees, nothing makes Elaine happier than helping them find that "perfect" home: “ The joy on their faces is priceless.” 

Elaine recalls many memorable moments in her Area Consultant’s experience. However, the memory that stands out the most is meeting the mom of one of her very first Relocating Employees. Not only  was this the first time the  Relocating Employee left her country, but the first time ever to be on her own.  When her mom came to visit, she asked to meet Elaine.  She shared that knowing that Elaine took care of her daughter as if she was her own made it a little easier for her to be so far away. In Elaine’s own words: “That is when you realize that this job is more than a "job" as we can have a huge impact on their new lives.”

No wonder Relocating Employees love working with her: ‘It has been an absolute pleasure working with you’.

In her spare time, Elaine enjoys traveling, kickboxing and conducting wine tastings.