Heidi Shepard

Founder / President | staff member since 1988 | Highlands Ranch, CO

IPR founder and President, Heidi Shepard has been involved in the field of cross-cultural training for more than 25 years. She has researched training issues and designed and facilitated seminars for thousands of Americans relocating abroad and internationals living in the U.S. Her seminars have been utilized at the corporate, university and youth levels.

Heidi's experience abroad for U.S. State Department-funded programs covered a variety of cultural orientations. As curriculum planner and trainer for Southeast-Asian youth and adults relocating to the U.S., she developed and taught courses in cross-cultural adaptation and American cultural issues.

Heidi's experience living and working abroad – most recently 8 years in China – as well as extensive travel throughout Asia and Europe, have given her a thorough understanding of the process of cultural adaptation and the complicated issues involved in working with and supervising internationals.