Kirsten Lewis, GMS

Supply Chain Manager | staff member since 2010 | Philadelphia, PA

Prior to her permanent employment with IPR, Kirsten worked as a Quality Assurance intern.  As IPR’s Supply Chain Manager, Kirsten enjoys the challenge of sourcing and developing IPR’s nationwide network of Area Consultants.  She strives to ensure the “face of IPR” is continually current on best practices and industry trends.  

After graduating from Penn State University, where she majored in Public Relations, Kirsten was happy to return to her hometown of Philadelphia.  As a member of the IPR team, she brings with her the personal experience of living in another country.  Having spent a semester abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Kirsten understands the importance of acclimating quickly to a new location. 

Karen Lewis

Financial Administrator | staff member since 1999 | Philadelphia, PA

Karen manages IPR’s financial resources.

After studying language and writing at Vermont’s Middlebury College, Karen gained valuable management skills as an elementary school business manager.  IPR benefits from her strong organizational skills, wise financial insights and money-management. Having lived and studied in Germany and traveled to a wide variety of countries, Karen’s international experience adds great value to her role. 

Jennipher Christensen, GMS-T

Managing Director | staff member since 2007 | Denver, CO

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” is the driving force Jennipher contributes to the IPR Team.  Joining IPR in 2004 as an Area Consultant, then as an Account Manager and Director of Destination Services, Jennipher gained industry knowledge in order to competently fulfill IPR’s Managing Director’s responsibilities.  Possessing a high level of professionalism in team management and leadership, client relations and business development, as well as cultural sensitivity from personal and professional experience, Jennipher brings a depth of knowledge to IPR’s unique business model.  

Jennipher values IPR’s adaptability in the dynamic environment of global mobility. She believes that IPR's focus on tailor-made programs and maintaining industry best-practices is bolstered through regular attendance at local, national and global industry conferences. Jennipher is an active member of Worldwide ERC and the Rocky Mountain Relocation Council.

Mallorie Lauvaux

Destination Service Coordinator | staff member since 2011 | Philadelphia, PA

Mallorie was born and raised in Belgium. After graduating from the Brussels University (Université Libre de Bruxelles) with a Law Degree, she spent 10 years working as an attorney with an international law firm in Belgium.

She was introduced to IPR as an accompanying spouse receiving Destination Services.  IPR later gained a valued addition to its team when Mallorie became an IPR Destination Service Coordinator. 

Through her own experience living and working abroad, Mallorie has an excellent understanding of the practical difficulties encountered when relocating to a foreign country. She is fluent in French, English and speaks some Dutch.

Donna Ennis

Destination Service Coordinator | staff member since 2011 | Northern New Jersey

Donna is a vital member of the IPR Team, acting as a Destination Service Coordinator.  Donna’s strong written and verbal communication skills were honed during her years as a Certified Court Reporter.  Through her professional, personal and volunteer experience, Donna possesses the perfect skill-set necessary to support IPR Account Managers and Area Consultants ensuring successful delivery of Destination Services. 

Donna was born and raised in north-central New Jersey.  After relocating to California, she returned to New Jersey.

Vu Stefanich

Destination Service Coordinator | since 2014 | Midland, MI

Vu worked as an Area Consultant in Midland, Michigan before joining the team full-time.

Upon graduating from Central Michigan University with degrees in Marketing and Logistics Management, Vu pursued a career working for a logistics company.  Vu left the corporate world to support her husband's opportunity to work and live in Tokyo, Japan. 

After returning to Michigan for a time, they were offered another assignment in Shanghai, China. Vu spent four years in China, learned Mandarin, became active in many clubs/organizations, and helped other newcomers acclimate to Shanghai. In 2009, Vu and her family returned to Midland.

Heidi Shepard

Founder / President | staff member since 1988 | Highlands Ranch, CO

IPR founder and President, Heidi Shepard has been involved in the field of cross-cultural training for more than 25 years. She has researched training issues and designed and facilitated seminars for thousands of Americans relocating abroad and internationals living in the U.S. Her seminars have been utilized at the corporate, university and youth levels.

Heidi's experience abroad for U.S. State Department-funded programs covered a variety of cultural orientations. As curriculum planner and trainer for Southeast-Asian youth and adults relocating to the U.S., she developed and taught courses in cross-cultural adaptation and American cultural issues.

Heidi's experience living and working abroad – most recently 8 years in China – as well as extensive travel throughout Asia and Europe, have given her a thorough understanding of the process of cultural adaptation and the complicated issues involved in working with and supervising internationals.